Bike Fitting Overview

Bike fitting is the Art & Science of finding the perfect harmony between a rider and their machine. The rider should not be forced to “fit to the bike” it is the bike that should be built to fit the rider.

There are two elements of “Bike Fitting” which should not be confused;

● The riders fit, their ideal position.
● The riders ideal frame design

The Fit
We take into account many variable factors when determining your ideal fit, such as;

● Physical fitness
● Flexibility
● Current and ideal or your goal weight.
● Cycling experience, from novice to seasoned professional
● Cycling time, how many hours you have to dedicate to cycling.
● Choice of correct cycling equipment, i.e. Saddles, Handle bars, Shoes.
● Type of riding you plan to do, also catering for riders who participate in multiple disciplines

Off the Peg Bikes, with Stock Sizes
Many riders are of average build and proportions and therefore will fit frames built in stock sizes and designs. Velosolutions is brand independent and we will always advise you on the correct product for you. Letting you know when a stock frame will also be suitable for you, always talking into considerations the differences in stock frame geometries, just because a frame is the same size does not mean it will offer the same fit.

Made to Measure Bikes
Ever since the sport of cycling was born frame builders have been working to understand the relationship between frame/bicycle design and performance. It was quickly recognised that even small changes in frame design and geometry could radically alter the performance of a bike and rider. For many decades’ frames where built by hand, mainly from steel tubing and this allowed the frame to be “tuned” to the individual requirements of each rider. In recent years we have seen a major move away from these traditions, not so much of an industrial revolution, but more a revolution driven lower cost of production in the far east.

However, at what cost?

Making a frame in fixed sizes and on mass, may work for some people, but not everyone. Then there is question of having experienced cycling perfection, on your own made to you custom frame, for many people there is no going back to stock sizes. This is why Velsolutions supports the independent artisans who still make custom frames, it is a very important part of our cycling culture and heritage, not to be lost.

Magical systems?
There are many “systems” in the marketplace that claim to offer the customer their personal “magical fit” most rely on body measurements being taken from the rider, then having these numbers averaged out to produce an automated frame/bike position. These systems do not work. {If they get close it is more by luck than science!} More often than not, the measurements are not even taken correctly. This can result in two different fits when different people carry out the fitting sessions on different dates. There is also no magical machine or measuring equipment that will produce the correct fit. Various tools of the trade help the “fitter” to carry out his job, but without the prerequisite skill, experience and knowledge, the fitter will never achieve the perfect, correct fit. In the UK we have fitted thousands of customers, we have yet to find one person who has been fitted correctly by a UK fitter, including customers who have been fitted by up four other bike fitters.

Why Velosolutions for my bike fit?
It is easy to find riders of all levels that complain of discomfort or other problems when “sitting on the bike”. In our experience the majority of riders have the wrong “fit” and/or have the wrong size or design of bicycle. Our goal is to offer riders of all levels a complete 360 degree evaluation and thereafter to continue to assist in the development of the ideal cycle position.

Many customers believe because we do not use “xy” bike fitting system then our fitting system is a “black art” As much as experience, skill and intuition are important all our findings are also mathematically verified to our Velosolutions protocol. We have the skills to take these measurements ourselves, we do not need a machine to tell us.

From shoe size and pedal cleat alignment to handlebar shape, design and fitting, Velosolutions is all about professional service and advice.

Correct bike fitting is also a “preventative therapy” many riders who come to be fitted by us do so after many months, or even years of riding in an incorrect position. Tthis has usually resulted in a multitude of synergistic physical problems. It is better to prevent these from occurring in the first place, as it is often a difficult and complicated road to correct these issues retrospectively. Considering the small investment required {less than a pair of good cycling shoes} we think it is an investment well made.

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