What is Bike Fitting?

The art and science of placing a rider correctly on their bicycle by adjusting their contact points, the saddle and handlebars. Within the correct technical parameters for their frame design. Therefore, if the frame is the wrong size/geometry then it may not be possible to obtain the correct fit.

Will my fitting session take a long time?

The initial session will take from 1 to 1.5hrs.

Setting up and fitting my bike seems easy, can anyone do it?

No, it seem easy but it takes years of experience to be able to set up a rider correctly on their bike. For example, as soon as you move one contact point it changes all the other parameters.

After my initial fit am I then set for life?

No, your body needs time to adapt to your new position, you will need a follow up fitting session 6 to 12 weeks [ideally having ridden 1000 to 3000km in your new position] after you first session. If you have also brought a new frame or bike, then the follow up should be done on the new bike. Please note, as you develop as a cyclist your fitness and therefore your optimal bike fit will also change.

How much will my follow up session cost?

Your first follow up is Free of Charge. As long as it is carried out within 6 months of your initial fitting.

If you provide the “perfect fit” why would I ever need to come back for re-assessment?

The human body adapts to the changes your new position brings, we all get a little older each day, our bodies change, when we are young we are growing, as we get older we start to shrink! As we get fitter... or maybe not quite so fit, after a lay off the bike. All of these complex factors will affect “your ideal position” on the bike.

I am the same height and build as my friend, so we must both have the same fit?

Not necessarily so, two persons of identical height and morphology can have two completely different fits. Bike fitting is very much a personal one to one requirement. Our bodies are very individual, we all work to different degrees of efficiency within different ranges.

The position or condition of my shoe plates does not really matter, as my pedals allow my feet to "float" to the right position

The position of your shoe plates is very important! In fact fundamental for a correct position on the bike. Poor cleat position and or damaged / worn shoe plates, pedals and shoes is one of the greatest factors contributing to feet and knee problems in cyclists. NOTE: For clients arriving for a fitting with the wrong size shoes [if more than 1/2 a size too big.. we never normally see anyone with shoes that are too small!] we may not be able to complete their fit.

How can you say your method of bike fitting is an art and a science?

Through many years of study, we have looked at thousands of cyclists, and used Mathematics to provide the scientific answers to the many questions of the art form of bike fitting. We can now demonstrate the science behind the optimal bike fit. There is a real “Art” in being able to evaluate every client fully, being able to interpret their current position, their physical characteristics, their adaptation to an incorrect position on their existing bike. After analysing all of this we provide every customer with their own pathway to their ideal fit, this is where our experience and expertise really counts.

What is the difference between frame size & bike fit?

The correct "frame size" and design is calculated from your personal morphology, your body size and shape. The correct "bike fit" is how you are then "fitted" to the frame and all its components. Please note that if the frame is the wrong size or design, you will not be able to achieve the correct bike fit. The frame/bike you ride should be made to fit you, not the other way around, of you having to try and fit the bike.

Why do I need to bring my existing bike to my fitting if I wish to buy a new bike, to which you will fit me?

It is very important for us to see how the rider has been conditioned by their existing bike. If you have more than one bike please bring the one which you currently use most of all. If you wish to be fitted on more than one bike we need to know in advance, you need to book multi bike set up session. If it is not possible for you to bring your existing bike[s] to the fitting session, then please email us in advance a photo of the said bike. [side on photo please] Either way do not forget your cycle shoes and your bib shorts [bib shorts are always better than normal shorts]

Does my frame size really need to be an exact size or design?

The correct design and size of frame for your personal body size will allow a "range" of adjustments to create the correct bike fit. Therefore the correct bike fit can be achieved on two different size frames. However there are technical limitations as to how these adjustments can carried out by changing the bikes components. Some bikes of the same size with have different geometry and therefore may not be suitable for your correct fit. We offer impartial and independent advice on frame/bike sizing of all bicycle manufactures.

I am not able to attend one of your fitting locations, what can I do?

We are also experienced at offering a fitting at distance service, we have fitted customers all around the world who we have never actually meet in person. We are also able to offer our custom frame design service at distance. Please contact us for more information.

I am looking to buy a hand built made to measure frame, can you help with the frame design.

Yes! All customers that are fitted by VeloSolutions are supplied with a scale frame design of your ideal frame geometry. We are one of the only Bike Fitters in the world who can offer this service, we know and work with many frame builders in this area. We also take into account not only your fit when designing your frame, also the material[s] you will use, the profiles of the tubing and the desired ride qualities of the bicycle. Ensuring your dream bike is perfect for you.


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