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Most cyclists become aware of the concept of “Bike Fitting” through the discomfort arising from riding their own bike. Problems often created when the bike was first brought and set up. Many bikes are sold based on what the shop has in stock, and not always what the customer needs, often with little or no consideration or thought being given to the rider’s position on the bike

It is not difficult to find riders who complain of neck, back, leg, foot, arm and wrist pain or discomfort. These are often symptoms of poor bike position, arising from a complicated mixture of various factors.

● Incorrect frame size {or even the material the frame has been built from} incorrect frame geometry
● Incorrect setting of the key contact points of a bike fit, saddle, bars and pedals
● Incorrect selection of components fitted to the cycle frame, cranks, bars, saddle, seat pin, gear levers

There are very few people in the world who fully understand bike fitting and more importantly how to implement a correct bike fit. If possible it is preferable that your consultation with Velosolutions ideally take place BEFORE you buy your next bike and not after. Despite some protests to the contrary, most shops do not have the experience or expertise to carry out a professional bike fit. We have heard many times: “if only I had come and seen you before”

Over 99% of the riders we have fitted had an incorrect bike position initially. Over 60% are riding a bike that is the wrong size for them.

The secret to a correct position on the bike is the position of the rider’s saddle; if this is correct then everything else can be set. If this is wrong, then you will never achieve the correct fit. This however is just one part of your fit, all be it the most important part. We have to consider many factors when fitting a rider; we have drawn up the summary below to give you an idea of what we look at if you come for a Velosolutions fit.

● Your current bike and your set up on the bike {if you do have an existing bike, please bring it with you for your fit, this is very important}
● Your morphology
● Your body’s adaptation to your current setup and any associated “bad habits” which you may have picked up due to an incorrect fit. {This is an area where experience really counts, many bike fitters are not only unable to understand what these important factors are, but more importantly do not understand how they can condition the rider, physically and psychologically}
● Your key body measurements
● Studying the differences between the left and right hand side of your body and thereafter finding equilibrium of balance through compromise or remedial treatment, if required.
● Your shoes, feet and shoe plates
● Your riding style on your current bike Using all of the above information we will calculate the basis for your new position on the bike, if, as is often the case, this new position cannot be easily achieved on your existing bike, we will use a cycle simulator {often called a bike fitting jig} to create your new position

Using a mixture of skill and science we will then change and fine-tune your position on the bike to arrive as close as possible to your correct position. If a rider has been riding for an extended period in an incorrect position they may need many months and miles of riding to adapt to the new position, in this case the rider is put, under our guidance, on “a path” to adaptation and recovery to the correct position.

We will then look to see if your existing bike can be used for the new fit. If your existing bike is not suitable for you then we can recommend a solution through the many partners we work with who offer true bespoke and custom bikes to suit all needs.

If required we can supply and fit components for your bike (such as saddles, seat pins, bars, stems and pedals) that may allow you to continue using your existing bike.Please note any parts and labour to fit are supplied at extra cost to your fitting fee.

A few days after your fit you will be sent a full report from the fit along with detailed drawings of your position and your perfect custom frame design. We will also advise on your adaptation period to the new fit, along with recommended follow up fitting sessions as required.

If you practice other disciplines in the sport such as Track, MTB, Time Trialing, Triathlon etc... We will advise on the steps required to fit your other bikes. Each discipline has its own specific fit.

Through the course of our work, we often identify areas in which the client may require sports specific specialist medical consultations. Consequently we have been building a team of professional associates from all over Europe with whom we work. These include: Osteopaths, chiropractors, coaches, nutritionists, sports doctors, and podiatrists. We will refer you to these specialists as and when it may be required.

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