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The ethos at Velosolutions is to work precisely and professionally. Your first visit is the start of working relationship to ensure you reach your goals and objectives. The work carried out post fit is just as important if not more important than your initial consultation. It is rare that on the first visit you will be in the optimal “nirvana” of bike positions and performance. However, in time you will come to feel a part of and an integral element of your bike and not just the rider sitting on top.

It is essential that the client be guided through their adaptation phase. The adaptation phase is the period during which the “body and mind” adapt to the new optimal position. It is a phase in which a client will feel various conflicting sensations.

This is where our skill and knowledge shine through, born not only from many years of experience in bike fitting, but also in the world of professional cycling generally. We are a part of that world and the sum of these experiences comes together to offer our clients real world practical and personalised advice and guidance.

The first adaptation phase typically requires a client to ride 1000 to 2000km before their body will adapt to the new position. You will be given guidance on how you should train/ride your bike to ensure the adaption cycle is completed correctly.

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